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Friday, 01. August 2008
Shipping via UPS - better and cheaper!
@ 16:39:34
NEW! In many countrys, we are shipping via UPS, now. You will be informed about your order status, via eMail... In Germany customers can choose Express and Cash-on-Delivery directly in our shop.
Link: Information
Friday, 20. June 2008
Clear Headlights / Clear Blinklights in black for SLK R170
@ 17:25:06
Now available from stock! The black headlights in clear design have a integrated light distance control and an "E" sign. This makes the lights in all countries street legal!
Link: Information
Thursday, 27. March 2008
Only for a short time!!!
@ 13:26:59
We have got a few frontgrilles for Mercedes SLK R170 in classical CLK W209 look, with 4 fins. Order now, before it is too late!
Link: Information
Monday, 10. March 2008
V-Bars in R171 Style now TÜV approved!
@ 11:30:58
The V design chromebars for Mercedes SLK R170 have been TÜV tested, and will be shipped now with TÜV papers!
Link: Information
Thursday, 21. February 2008
@ 15:21:51
We give SPECIAL discount on all H&R products for all car brands. Send us an inquiry to your car...
Tuesday, 19. February 2008
New FREE Download Area for registrated customers
@ 18:26:14
NOW you will find more informations and installation sheets for our products in the "Download" area...
Monday, 23. July 2007
NEW! SL Style grille for SLK R170
@ 17:13:08
We start selling our new SL LOOK grille for SLK R170. The grille is painted and has chromefins. The original Mercedes Star from the factory grille can be reused. This grille is mounted on the factory installation points, like the OEM grille from Mercedes... Plug-N-Play installation within 5 minutes!
Link: Information
Saturday, 30. June 2007
V-Bars in R171 Style
@ 12:03:13
Now we have new stainless steel roadsterbars for the SLK R170 in the design of the R171 bars in our program...
Link: Information
Wednesday, 13. June 2007
Clear Headlights / Clear Blinklights for SLK R170
@ 13:57:26
Now available from stock! The new headlights in clear design have a integrated light distance control and an "E" sign. This makes the lights in all countries street legal.
Link: Information
Wednesday, 09. June 2007
New stainless steel exhaust for SLK R171
@ 11:23:46
Now we have a high quality stainless steel exhaust for SLK 200 Kompressor, SLK 280 and SLK 350. The exhaust system fits, without any modifications on the rear skirt. It comes with an EU certification...
Link: Information
Saturday, 21. April 2007
Angel Eyes for SLK R170 - Now available!
@ 14:26:04
Now we start shipping the Angel-Eye headlights for SLK. ATTENTION: This headlights have no light distance control - In some countries the law wants light distance control! For older models before facelift (without blinklights in the mirrors) there are additional adaptors affordable!
Thursday, 08. March 2007
Angel Eyes for SLK R170
@ 15:30:59
Beginning of May we will offer clear Headlight with angel eyes for the old SLK (R170).
Friday, 02. March 2007
Stainless Steel Exhaust System for SLK R171
@ 18:15:31
New stainless steel 4-Pipe-Exhaustsystem (Made in Germany!) for SLK 200 Kompressor, SLK 280 and SLK 350 available...
Thursday, 15. February 2007
Parking Brake Handle for SLK and Crossfire
@ 16:41:15
We offer a special handle for the parking brake for Mercedes SLK R170 and Chrysler Crossfire models. The handle is massive alloy, high polished (chrome-look). Easy installation - just replace with the factory part.
Tuesday, 30. January 2007
Carbon-Fibre Sportgrill for SLK R170
@ 17:54:32
Because of many inquiries we also offer the original-design grill (without Mercedes star) now also in chrome and in carbon-fibre look...
Tuesday, 30. January 2007
Chrome Sportgrill for SLK R170
@ 17:52:28
Because of many inquiries we also offer the original-design grill (without Mercedes star) now also in chrome and in carbon-fibre look...
Monday, 29. January 2007
LSD-Doors - now reduced prices!
@ 16:58:03
Now we have reduced the prices for original LSD Wingdoors ( Lambo Style Doors ) up to 300,- Euro per set...
Thursday, 25. January 2007
NEW! XT-1/82 PrestigeSS
@ 18:00:17
New wheel in 8.5x20 and 9.5x20 with stainless steel dish and negativ bented star...
Thursday, 25. January 2007
@ 16:05:39
Now we have our high performance XT-Filters for many vehicles available from stock...
Friday, 22. December 2006
Chromeholder for shorter Licenseplates...
@ 18:38:23
Now available: Chromeholders for short license-plate (420mm and 460mm) in our shop.
Friday, 22. December 2006
Now available...
@ 12:56:02
The new XT-1/10 Bellagio available in 8 and 9.5x18. Single piece wheel in satin-silver with stainless steel dish. This wheel is also upcoming in 9x20 soon...
Wednesday, 20. December 2006
New Products
@ 17:05:37
Now we have the high quality Brake Caliper Paint Sets from DUPLI-COLOR in 6 different colours, listed in our shop...
Wednesday, 20. December 2006
Double Size - same Price! Now available in our shop!
@ 16:01:25
The P21S Power Gel was the only one (in Auto-Bild Magazine 43/06) from 10 tested wheelcleaners, which was voted: "Auto-Vorbildlich". We have the special-edition pack now in our webshop: 1 Liter for the price of 500ml
Saturday, 09. December 2006
High Performance Brake Systems - Special Sale!
@ 12:52:31
We are offering the High Performance Brake Systems from ATE for special conditions... Available for Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Chrysler, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda, Opel, Saab, Mini, and others...
Thursday, 28. September 2006
@ 18:17:27
Thursday, 28. September 2006
Frontgrill in "original"-design
@ 17:12:02
Now we have a new grill in "original"-design (without Mercedes star) for the SLK R170 added to our shop...
Wednesday, 30. August 2006
Facelift for SLK R170
@ 12:48:18
Available soon: Clear headlights and clear blinklights for Mercedes SLK. Additional with clear foglights, V-Bars and front grating insert, as well as SL-Look bonnet...
Tuesday, 29. August 2006
SPECIAL SALE! Only 10 Units
@ 16:10:23
Because of persistent demand we can offer again 10 Roof Control Units for SLK R171 to a special salesprice of 289,- Euro per Unit...
Saturday, 26. August 2006
New SLK Pictures
@ 09:59:16
In our "Mercedes" gallery you will find some new SLK pictures...
Friday, 25. August 2006
New Toyota Pictures
@ 16:24:19
In our Gallery you will find new Toyota Pictures with 20-Inch wheels...
Friday, 25. August 2006
New Peugeot Pictures
@ 16:22:36
In our Gallery you will find new pictures from Peugeot 307cc...
Tuesday, 22. August 2006
Sign up and win!
@ 15:34:46
Create NOW your XTC-Shop customer account. Under the first 500 new accounts we will raffle several presents up to a value of 1000,- Euro...
Saturday, 19. August 2006
New Opel Pictures
@ 15:30:21
We have added new Pictures into the Opel-Gallery...
Friday, 18. August 2006
New Pictures
@ 17:50:52
We have added new pictures in all categories...
Friday, 18. August 2006
New Products
@ 17:25:24
We have added several new products to our shop, within the last few weeks...
Friday, 21. July 2006
Porsche Pictures
@ 17:43:48
We have uploaded new pictures into the Porsche gallery...
Wednesday, 19. July 2006
New webseite online!
@ 13:52:51
Our new website is online!
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